Electrolysis (thermolysis) is a safe, proven method of permanent hair removal for most areas of the body. A trained and qualified electrologist inserts a small surgical-steel filament much like a needle into the hair follicle. Then a mild flow of current is released to seal off nourishment to the papilla. The released hair is then lifted from the follicle with forceps to leave smooth, hair free skin. The Blend method causes a chemical action in the papilla to destroy the hair root. Your electrologist will choose the most effective method for your treatment sessions.

It is not possible to entirely seal off the roots of all hairs in one treatment. There is re-growth and repeated and regular treatment is required. As treatment progresses the hair becomes weaker and finer. When electrolysis treatment is complete the base of the follicle no longer receives nutrients from its blood supply, therefore is incapable of ever producing a hair again.

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