Skin Care Tips

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Stop the Sun

More than anything else, sun protection will help to prevent the aging of your skin, The sun is largely responsible for wrinkling, blotchy pig entation (Lentigines, also called "liver spots"), thinning of the skin, broken blood vessels (telangectasias), dryness, texture changes, uneven color and some sun related skin diseases that make the skin look older.

Daily use of sunscreen products with at least an SPF of 15 along with protective clothing such as full-brimmed hats, long sleeved blouses and shirts, and slacks instead of shorts will greatly reduce the aging of the skin and the possibility of skin cancer.

Sunglasses will also protect the eyelids from aging and will help reduce crows feet by reducing the squinting which comes from sun exposure without eye protection.

Clean It!

Wash your face morning and night. What you use and how you use it is up to you. You know when your face is clean.

Cosmetics experts sometimes recommend a two-to-four-step process. You may not want to make it so complicated. Complexity might encourage you to skip either a morning or a night. Don't skip. Keep it simple.

Wash your face morning and night. Some of you will use a washcloth. Others will splash. Still others will use "cold cream" and wipe off the dirt that way. Some will use a toner and others won't. You will know what works. Trust yourself.

Get Rid of the Dead Skin

Only when you get rid of the dead skin on your face will your beautiful new skin reveal itself and heal itself. Where is that wonderful, radiant new skin? It's there. You just can't see it.

The "glue" that holds dead skin onto our faces was once soft but hardens as we age. If you're wondering why your complexion looks dull, it's because you're looking at dead skin. Get rid of it! This is the way to heal your living skin. Dead skin prevents oxygen, moisture and nutrients from reaching your living skin.

And here's another bonus: The old skin on your face tends to sag and hold wrinkles. Your new baby skin underneath will have a thickened tautness and smoothness you thought was gone. It wasn't gone. It was just buried.

A young child's skin is amazing, isn't it? The truth is that a child loses dead skin every day, just by changing clothes or rubbing against towels and wash cloths. With the help of peeling agents, we can mimic a child's skin. How to Get Rid Of Dead Skin? Chemical and Glycolic Peels, and Laser Treatments These treatments can create a radical new complexion. You may want to consider these.

If you are impatient and want the rapid appearance of new baby skin, and you have time to take off for recovery, this might be a good option for you. Give us a call and we can tell you more about these procedures.